Jackie Chan Epic, KUNG FU YOGA Showcases Big Scale Action, And A Carsick Lion In The First Trailer

Bigger hasn't always been better, but that's a matter of opinion as much of a gamble as it is for Hong Kong action staples Stanley Tong and Guinesss world record holder Jackie Chan. Teaming up for their newest epic, Kung Fu Yoga, pitting Chan as an archeologist among a small team of archeologists against the descendant of a rebel army leader with a worldly treasure at stake.

An adventure ensues from Tibet and Dubai to India, hailing with intrigue, the usual plot twists, and the obligatory signature action and comedy stylings fitting of a Jackie Chan movie. You'll see all that and more in the first official trailer finally making the rounds, which also shows Jackie Chan being pursued by a horde of villains, and with an angry lion riding in the backseat...

Yes, a lion.

The film opens in January with Chan joined by Aarif Rahman, Yixing Zhang, Guoli Zhang and Sonu Sood who plays the villain. Check out the trailer!


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