Isaac Florentine Hails His Return To Acting In The New Antonio Banderas Actioner, STOIC

Action sequences offically wrapped within the past day for coordinator Tim Man in his latest reunion with director Isaac Florentine on the latest Bulgarian production, Stoic. The film shoot ran quietly under the radar over the past several weeks or so until Spanish-language headlines began rolling out with the film's lead star, Antonio Banderas, going viral a la set pic of a near-slip during some of the film's action work.

Banderas plays a lawyer on a mission to avenge the death of his wife and son, and is joined by a cast that includes actress Paz Vega, Robert Forster, and Karl Urban. Much to our delight, the film marks a return to the screen for the film's own director wherein he will play a sensei to Banderas's role; Florentine himself is a real-life Karateka and Judoka while having only two acting roles on record - including his 1987 multi-award winning shortfilm, Farewell Terminator.

Florentine, currently credited as producer of the upcoming Boyka: Undisputed, shared the following photos on social media, as have Man, which you may view below.


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