HEADSHOT Ignites Online With Thrilling Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Read our latest interview Singaporean action star Sunny Pang and you'll learn quite a bit about his career, family life and goals through next year, including the currently completed Diamond Dogs, and the long-awaited production of The Night Comes For Us which starts rolling cameras in December. In the meantime, perhaps some of the best news you'll see in press as of late will pertain to the upcoming release of the new 'Mo Brothers movie, Headshot, releasing on December 8 in Indonesia followed by a wider release in 2017.

Starring opposite Pang is actor and martial artist Iko Uwais who succeeds his stardom following his acclaim in Gareth Huw Evans's Merantau, The Raid and The Raid 2. Uwais plays Ishmael, fondly named by the nurse caring for him when he discovered with a serious head wound and severe memory loss, only to trigger a series of events that put her life in danger, forcing him to confront his deadly past. Actress Chelsea Islan also stars along with Julie Estelle, Very Tri Yulisman, David Hendrawan and Zack Lee.

Screenplay Films just released the first of a raft of behind-the-scenes featurettes for you to check out below. I may have spoiled myself a bit by watching this a few seconds too long at the start but hopefully you've at least read this article long enough to be aware that there are POTENTIAL SPOILERS that you may want to avoid in case you wish to catch it all on the screen. I myself am looking forward to seeing it with friends next year and so I can't tell you what happens in the video, except the words fighting and fire are hint at what occur here apart from all else that is shown.

I'm starting a playlist here as of this 11/24 article so expect more in the coming months and weeks. Until then, check it all out below at your expense!


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