GHOST IN THE SHELL Gets More Micro Teaser Action With New Footage And A Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

Unabashed moviegoers might otherwise take a liking to director Rupert Sanders's treatment of the hit manga/anime property, Ghost In The Shell. Others, well...not so much; Issues still loom over the one casting decision that highlights the prevalent hitch over Hollywood whitewashing, further discouraging some from even giving the film a second or third thought.

That discussion obviously carries some weight and it obviously doesn't help that prolific anime auteur Oshii Mamoru who adapted Shiro Masumane's original groundbreaking manga is also endorsing the big budget spectacle against naysayers who feel ignored on the topic of yellowface. Needless to say, this it isn't deterring the PR people in the least from driving the conversation forward about the film from one news site to the next and the next and so on and on, etc.

Having started with a series of five micro teasers aired on television during Mr. Robot back in late September, and as recently as a few days ago with a reminiscent knockout look at actress Scarlett Johansson in the lead, the guys at Paramount and Dreamworks made the brilliant choice of starting early, slow and steadily to get netizens aroused and curious at the modest obscurity thusfar. It's probably working and ample enough to get an audience by this Sunday when the first official teaser trailer might arrive if that recent microteaser is anything to hint at.

In the meantime, Paramount International is out with a new miniteaser preceded by a making-of featurette with Sanders, Oshii and Johansson all front and center and speaking on the film's efforts. Sanders's previous work on Snow White and The Huntsman shows he can handle big scale action, visuals and set pieces and there are some newer bits in the following video that might echo this. Love it or hate it, it's coming on March 31 in IMAX 3D, so be ready for the first teaser trailer when it arrives and the discussion ultimately continues from there.


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