EXCLUSIVE: Chris Mark Debuts On The Official Sales Art For Martial Arts Sci-Fi Actioner, MEZA

Look to the vast reaches of the internet and it won't be too difficult to find a number of independently produced martial arts demos and action shorts from various up-and-coming stuntfighting and film groups. Canada's own Team 2X is a product of that evolution where their members have since righteously earned their career growth into the professional field of mainstream stuntwork, including James Mark, having proven himself for fourteen years and now with TV and film credits like Nikita, Covert Affairs, Falling Skies, Pacific Rim, Wolves and Scott Pilgrim VS. The World.

Clearly for Mark, the sensible move from there was to seuge into filmmaking, and with none other than brother, fellow martial artist, stuntman and actor Chris Mark who shares similar credits with the elder Mark in addition to Warcraft, Allan Ungar's 2015 action hit, Gridlocked, and the blockbuster DCU adaptation of Suicide Squad as of late. Thus, following several years of development, production and a cast and crew screening a little over a year ago, the details are finally being ironed out for Mark's latest directorial effort, Meza, boasting a thrilling story driven by sci-fi and martial arts action where a troubled high school student gains superhuman abilities upon learning more about his mysterious, dark past.

Trade news over at ScreenDaily is reporting that Raven Banner is officially announcing its acquisition of worldwide sales rights of the film in a deal brokered by Byron Kent Wong of Iron Bay Films/ZERO11ZERO. The film is expected to hit screens at the American Film Market on November 5 while it is here at Film Combat Syndicate that we proudly present the exclusive sales poster for you to view below!


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