Cine Asia Takes Heed Of Benny Chan's CALL OF HEROES For VoD, DVD & Blu-Ray In January

If there were ever an actor worthy of big screen appeal as a villain, instantly it would be actor Louis Koo as the heinous, murdering son of a General in Benny Chan's latest home release prospect, Call Of Heroes. Action legend Sammo Hung himself directed the action headlining the riveting drama telling of a group of skilled warriors uniting against a coming threat with actors Eddie Peng, Wu Jing, Sean Lau and Liu Kai Chi delivering even more of the film's best performances.

My personal favorite action scene takes place in the second half which takes place on a bridge - a scene also exemplary of how to design action to permeate around the drama, lending further weight and credit to the film's overall story and script. These are just a few points I'll leave off here about the film for you to mull over while I'm more than pleased to report that home viewers in the UK will themselves hear the call starting on January 2, 2017 for the film's VoD, Blu-Ray and DVD releases courtesy of Trinity Film's newly relaunched Cine Asia shingle.

Read onward and check out the official trailer and DVD and Blu-Ray artwork, and be sure to pre-order your DVD and/or Blu-Ray copies right now!
Cine Asia makes a grand return with their first new release since 2012 - CALL OF HEROES - a martial arts epic set in the warlords era of China, in which a small village fights to defend itself against an overwhelming onslaught. 
Blistering, epic-scale action from director Benny Chan (NEW POLICE STORY, SHAOLIN), with action director Sammo Hung  (IP MAN, DETECTIVE DEE: MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME). Call of Heroes thrills throughout in its tale of skilled martial artists, who take a stand to protect their village against a ruthless army. 
In 1914, after the collapse of China's Qing dynasty, Yang Kenan (Sean Lau – Mad Detective) is appointed as guardian to defend the rural village of Pucheng. When a lone man enters the village and takes innocents lives, Yang makes the decision that he must be sentenced to death. It emerges that this man is Cao Shaolun (Louis Koo – FlashPoint), son of a sadistic warlord, and his army demands the son is released, threatening to bring death and destruction. The village soon becomes split between those who want to stand against the warlord, and those who want to set Cao free in a bid for peace.

As the odds for peace lessen and the pressure mounts for Yang to release the murderous captive, a stirring tale of heroic resistance unfolds as he and a team of skilled villagers make a last stand against the warlord’s vicious army. In the face of insurmountable odds, heroes will rise.


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