ATTRACTION Gets Multi-Territorial IMAX Deals Worldwide

It was back in June when Stalingrad helmer Fedor Bondarchuk dazzled the web with a teaser for his most recent endeavor, Attraction, from Art Pictures Studio and Vodorod Film Company. Indeed it's some of the biggest sci-fi we're seeing and as of late, news broke at Variety that the film has already been administered for distribution deals in up to forty three territories, including China, France and Italy.

Obviously, here's to hoping that screens in the U.S. will get their share of the carnage, from which you can sample below for yourselves in two other trailers totalling three for the film about an alien craft that puts Earth at a standstill when crashlanding in a residential neighborhood in Moscow. The teaser itsels was an exciting gem, but these bits are all about intensity, scope and lots of action making Attraction, as the fourth Russian production with an IMAX commitment to date, worthy of its title as we speak.
An unidentified falling object from outer space changes our view of humanity and life beyond Earth. As local residents of a Moscow residential district gather to see the fallen object, it forces mankind to question existing civilization and the potential for learning more.
Starring are Irina Starshenbaum, Alexander Petrov, Rinal Mukhametov and Oleg Menshikov, the latter who scripted the film with Andrey Zolotarev. VFX house MainRoadPost (Wanted, Stalingrad) and sound designer Dave Whitehed (District 9, The Hobbit saga) are expected to wrap production on December 2 in time for its January 26 release.


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