Well Go USA To Release LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE: VOL.1 On DVD This November

I remember first seeing the trailer to the CCTV-1 broadcast of the Shannon Lee produced series, The Legend Of Bruce Lee a bit less than a decade ago. Having already been a fan of director Rob Cohen's Hollywood treatment, I wasn't too impressed and I guess because it felt a bit like excess for there to be another pseudo-fictional telling of the life and legend of the Jeet Kune Do founder and martial arts film star.

I think nowadays, however, my perspective has changed a bit since then and particularly considering that lead actor Danny Chan reprised the role opposite Donnie Yen in the hit film, Ip Man 3, it's understandable that fans would probably take a ceremonial liking to this show which casts a number of well-knowns and through a showcase of various styles of martial arts to interpret how Lee adapts to win his battles. It's a martial arts series and sells, for certain, but there's definitely a continued base among Bruce Lee fans who will love anything and everything Lee-related, good or bad, and either two of the choices will be up to those who choose to purchase their copy of Well Go USA's forthcoming Volume One DVD issue of the series on November 1.

PLANO, TEXAS. (October 20, 2016) – Danny Chan (Ip Man 3, Kung Fu Hustle) brings the legendary figure of Bruce Lee and his incredible story to life in 10 action-packed episodes when LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE: VOLUME ONE debuts on DVD November 1 from Well Go USA Entertainment. The life story of the renowned martial arts icon follows him from Hong Kong to America and back again. LEGEND OF BRUCE LEE: VOLUME ONE also stars Michelle Lang, Gary Daniels, Ted Duran, Natalia Dzyublo, Wang Luoyong, Hazen McIntyre, Ray Park, Tim Storms, Michael Jai White, Traci Ann Wolfe, Mark Dacascos and Ash Gordey. 
Young Bruce Lee (Danny Chan) has no interest in studying and is obsessed with martial arts. After losing a street fight, he resolves to master Kung Fu under the tutelage of Master Ye Wen. Targeted by street gangs after standing up for the weak, Bruce has no other option but to leave Hong Kong for a strange and far off land: America. At the University of Washington Bruce starts teaching martial arts and befriends an American girl named Linda (Michelle Lang). An extraordinary performance at a national karate championship launches Bruce, his film career, and his Kung Fu school on the path to international renown.


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