Watch The New International Trailer For Pedring Lopez's Award-Winning Action Horror, NILALANG (THE ENTITY)

The Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival is where to be this Friday night if you wish to catch a screening of director Pedring Lopez's new movie, Nilalang (The Entity). The screening will be held at 7:30pm PST while Lopez continues to plot the festival course thereafter along with furthering prospects of a North American release after winning several awards at the 41st Manila International Film Festival late last year.

NBI special crimes division agent Tony (Cesar Montano) encounters an evil entity which is bent on killing and torturing beautiful women, one of which was his girlfriend, years after he have thought to have killed the malevolent spirit. People close to Tony is in danger including his partner Jane (Meg Imperial), who has romantic interest towards him with everyone in the agency aware of this fact except for Tony. 
The spirit, who has killed many people in Japan, is thought to be targeting women from a certain clan of samurai. In Manila, Miyuki (Maria Ozawa) takes care of the family business while her younger sister is taking care of their aging father. Miyuki is later forced to help in the investigation regarding the murders after Akane went missing and their father was found dead to put of stop to the evil entity's killing spree.
You can learn more about the event by clicking here. In the meantime, the latest international trailer has arrived, and with a humble quote of our own recent review which you can read by clicking here. Enjoy!


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