THE HIT LIST - October 24, 2016

This week's Hit List was another down-the-wire bit with a few late entries. On another note I'm currently saving my evening energy for a thing I'm doing in the next few weeks and with any luck I'll even get to write about it, so keep an eye on my Facebook page for more content.

In the meantime, we're back with another installment of The Hit List and it's got all the action, stunt work and thrills you crave! Actor and filmmaker Eric Jacobus lends his gameface to viewers once more as a fighting game character, here and now as Bayman from Dead Or Alive in a new movelist performance compilation. The playlist finishes things up from there with an arsenal of thrilling stuntwork by Amy Sturdivant, Lin He Rong, Johan Lindqvist, Jared Losano, Marissa Labog, Jason Mello, Jason Durham, Bayland Kippenkroeger, Chad Crumley, bicycle traceur Tim Knoll courtesy of filmmaker Devin Graham and their second Eurotrip featuring Knoll doing some of what he does best on bikes, and Storrorblog's own Callum Powell in a five-minute IG compilation of his current resume of death-defying freerunning and stuntwork.

Press play to start the playlist and enjoy!

Up next are the usual sort of nifty shortfilm trailers and the first comes courtesy of filmmaker James Couche a la Gunsavior Pictures titled Art Of Violence, wherein a struggling novelist's past as a hitman comes back to haunt him. With any luck, this one will hit the web before the month is out, and indeed there may be a place in the Hit List for it, so stay tuned.

Following that is the latest shortfilm promo from team K-Dynamique titled Sh*t Happens, with that of director Jeffrey Watson's upcoming Fall film festival prospect, Formula T7: The Alpha Project starring Peter Pham and Robert Slaughter, and an honorary fake trailer nod to Hong Kong classic action film lore from Aussie filmmaker Adrian Castro and performers Maria Tran and Joshua Tieu with Tiger Cop 2.

Press play and let 'er rip!

Time to get the ball rollin' with some of the best indie practice action and short film content to hit the web starting with an experiment piece courtesy of Campus Univers Cascades with Chris Karrington and Anthony Clamaran, followed by a rooftop New York City battle of two Bens -Ben Resendes and Benjamin David George-Hinnant - from DC Stunt Coalition, actor and filmmaker Mike Chat's latest in-house experimental action gig with up-and-comer Sam Akeel and Daredevil stunt double Chris Brewster, Ronin's Action's Chapter V: Premonitions from Nicholas Bosc and a pair of reuploaded test fight gems from a team in South Africa, courtesy of Filip Ciprian Florian.

The shortform content continues and livens things up a bit with Bryan Sloyer on the lens, and with a music bed recognizable to any fan of 80's music featuring the fighting prowess of stunt players Hayley Wright and Nick Kraewic, followed by filmmaker and actor Bueno's newest action gem with up-and-comer Takarae Megumi, and actor and martial artist Tom Caserto on holiday from Hong Kong with New York City's Cinematic Fight Studio, aptly named Tom Caserto's Revenge. Rounding out the playlist, we head out to China for actor, choreographer and filmmaker Troy Sanford for his own entry into Disney's Go Rogue Film Contest, Redemption: A Star Wars Fan Film; You can learn more about the contest by clicking here.

Going into slightly longer-form content is a dose of comedy by way of YouTube personality, Adande Thorne - a.k.a. sWooZie, along with Max Weisz (Max No Sleeves), Clarrisa May and Devin White (Kid Haru) as they call upon their powers to fight Boba-stealing ninjas...Or help sWooZie "think big" for his annual action video courtesy of tech manufacturer Lenovo in Ninja Beat Down. From there, its onto the battlefield with stuntwoman Daisy Fryer in a brutal series of one-takes in Fury Fingers's latest Mobile Strike-themed short, One Man Army, followed by Barry Battles's award-winning, hard-hitting DJI action short, Nightwatch, starring Brea Grant and James Harvey Ward.

Next up is a period fantasy short that's been a longtime coming from filmmaker Kiyun Sung and action director Joey Min. Hailing from Baek Ho Productions, The Destined King, marking the first Korean fusion-historical short film shot entirely in the U.S., is finally online and stars Hugh Cha and Christopher Kim in the story of a fugitive soldier on the run with a young infant and forced to confront his student while the fate of throne hangs in the balance. It's an officially selected work with numerous festival nods to its name and you can learn more about it at the official website.

From there, BMW Films finally presented it's latest induction into shortilfilm territory on Sunday with The Escape, directed by District 9 helmer Neill Blomkamp and starring Clive Owen in his celebrated return as "The Driver". Also starring are actress Dakota Fanning who plays captive to the menacing villany of actor Jon Bernthal who continues to demonstrate why he's one of the finest actors today.

Last and far from least is the latest display of thrilling action and drama storytelling from award-winning actor and director Shaun Piccinino and the creative minds at Truly Indie Studios with episode 2 of Six Feet Down Under. Conspiracy, vengeance and danger ensue with the return of actor Guy Grundy as mob boss Mr. Ryan's number one trusted hitman, Mick, as he sets out to take down a band of ruthless Yakuza henchmen led by boss Ichi, played by actor and martial artist Yoshua Sudarso. Veteran actor Vernon Wells also returns as well as Piccinino, actor Aaron Schoenke and actress Tatiana DeKhytar since the webseries premiered earlier this year.

Press the play button below and take it all in!

Click here to your eyes on last week's entries if you have room for more and by all means, subscribe to these awesome channels, comment below and tell us which ones are your favorites. And of course, as always, if you or someone you know is a stunt player or a filmmaker with a jazzy demo reel or a project with great action and quality performance and you feel it deserves an audience on The Hit List, hit us up at!


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