THE HIT LIST: October 10, 2016

Keep in mind that this latest installation of the Hit List you're about to peer into is one that took a lot of strength and will to complete.. especially after just a few hours of sleep, and for a number of good reasons you can read here...

With that out of the way, let's get the ball rolling with martial arts action star, actor Scott Adkins ahead of several upcoming films to his credits including Marvel's Doctor Strange, Boyka: Undisputed, Savage Dog and Eliminators. He's got a killer new seven minute training and performance reel with scenes cut from various reels, and highlights from films fans know and love, followed by stunt and training demo reels courtesy of Califf Guzman, Whitney Coleman, Katie Eischen, Edwin J. Bennett, Mark Anthony Rowe, Bayland Rippenkroeger, Sarah Irwin, Curtis Bracconier, traceur Vladik Limonero, Julie St. Louis and Nadine Theron

Next up is a small group of items we need to help promote at the moment and with the first, a poster for director Tomires Ribeiro's latest action short, Punhos e Leis. Renan Da Silva Medeiros and Bruno Carmo lead the story of two theives whose battle for territory in downtown São Paulo turns into a fight for something much more. Airing online as of last week is a fresh new poster ahead of its October 15 release this Saturday, and you can check out an earlier teaser to help whet the appetite in this week's playlist of trailers.

Rounding it all off are promotional gems for Ismahawk's latest minute match up putting Power Rangers and their mighty Megazord against our intergalactic quintet of pilots for Voltron slated for Wednesday October 12 next to Arnhem Pictures's own inspired live-action take on hit anime property, Sword Art Online, and the latest trailer for Bat In The Sun's latest collaboration with Valiant Digital for the 6-part action-packed digital martial arts series, Ninjak VS The Valiant Universe!

Watch the teasers now!

And now, onto the action with a trio of cool new fight gems, kicking things off in comedic comic book style fashion with Lunar Stunts's latest continuation of The Fighting Journey pitting Spider-Man against the merc with the mouth himself, Deadpool. Filmmaker and action actor Spencer Mulligan follows up with brutal and bruising short, Hard Headed, performed by Mulligan and Ruben Maldonado, and Bryan Sloyer finishing things off with a new five-minute test fight rumble between a quartet of stellar action actors Anthony Oh, Jerry Quill, Mark Miscione and Armand Rabanal. Batter up!

Time to wrap it up for this week and for this, I think we can safely hand it over to the good folks over at Distinctive Light Entertainment with a small mix of action gems this week. Bearing in mind, actress and filmmaker Yadi Nieves's traits as a dancer serve her well in her athletic abilities in martial arts and screenfighting. She and fellow filmmaker, actor, stuntman and fight choreographer Felix Betancourt have a lovely repetoire on their YouTube channel which continued this month with Self Defense 2, the second thusfar of two thematic action shorts showcasing Nieves singlehandedly neutralizing various assortments of muggers.

I've included both installments below to help some of you folks catch up and introduce yourselves a little more to Nieves in her element, followed by a small change of pace with a ten minute romantic action comedy gem Brothers VS. Boyfriend. Maro Molina plays the boyfriend opposite Khalil La'Marr and Kenny Waymack as the overprotective (and unsuspecting) adopted brothers to Nieves who plays the sister in this over-the-top romp.

Buckle your seat belts and hold onto your undies, and enjoy the playlist!

Feel free to check out last week's Hit List entries if you have some extra time to spare and subscribe to these channels for more awesome content. And, if you or someone you know has crazy cool stunt reel or shortfilm demonstrating quality action on film and you think it deserves a spot on the Hit List, e-mail us at!


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