Nikkatsu Picks Up RE:BORN For Worldwide Sales, XYZ Films For North America

It's been a pretty peculiar time thusfar in covering actor Sakaguchi Tak's latest film, Re:Born. The latest trailer has been out for a few months now while the film has already begun hitting festivals, simultaneously granting its main star a spotlight after nearly falling into obscurity following some career upheaval in the last few years hence all that retirement talk that Versus and Alive helmer Kitamura Ryuhei said was "bullshit" three years ago.

That said, the film may eventually get a 2017 release away from Japan at some point considering the pace of things. Accordingly, and much to the approval of fans who've followed the actor's work since his heyday as a budding actor on films like Battlefield Baseball and the cult hit, Versus, the film also signals his ultimate return into film via the name TAK∴. Producer Inoue Midori explains all this and more in the latest report via Screendaily of the new partnering between international sales agent, Nikkatsu, and XYZ Films who will represent the film's U.S. release.
“It may sound bold, but Re:Born could be the new cornerstone in action movies,” said Inoue. “Tak Sakaguchi and the director Yuji Shimomura have put their blood and sweat together for the last five years during which Tak gave up the whole concept of so-called entertainment action but instead trained to adjust himself to the most practical combat techniques. 
“On the other hand, Shimomura made such strenuous efforts to incorporate those new moves into the film. As a result, we are no longer able to categorise the final cut simply as an action movie, and along the way what is extremely encouraging for us is to have XYZ Films and Nikkatsu as sales partners that understand our unconventional film better than anyone else in the world.” 
“From this film, Tak Sakaguchi changed his name to TAK∴ to show his utmost commitment not as an actor but as a combat fighter that represents the world of Re:Born. 
“We are very thrilled that our two powerful partners will help us introduce this unheard-of WAVE action to a broader audience all over the world.”
Re:Born sees TAK∴ in the role of a former soldier forced to come out of hiding and rescue his niece when a legendary covert operative, his former colleague who now goes by "The Ghost" comes out of hiding with a trail of blood in his wake. Inoue produces with Fujita Shinichi, with a cast that includes young actress Kondo Yura, actresses Shinoda Mariko and Hasebe Hitomi, and actors Ishida Issei, Saitoh Takumi, Kato Masaya and Otsuka Akio.

Perhaps those Versus and Death Trance sequels may still be in order? Food for thought.


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