Mark Dacascos Tapped To Star In Pedring Lopez Actioner, BREACH; Dan Southworth In Talks To Join

Look forward to some extra updates in the coming months going into 2017 for director Pedring Lopez's latest action horror hit, Nilalang, now making the festival rounds for its year-end movement. In the meantime, Lopez and the film's stunt director, Sonny Sison have been working under the table for a project of their own now set to begin shooting next Spring.

For this, we turn to the new film, Breach, which has action star Mark Dacascos attached and actor and martial artist Dan Southworth in talks to star while plot details remain pending, according to City On Fire. Both have a notable history the martial arts genre leading up to their 2013 stint together in Kevin Tancharoen's Mortal Kombat Legacy: Season 2, while Dacascos has since taken to a more active role behind the camera as of late with his directorial debut, Showdown In Manila starring Alexander Nevsky. The film would also mark the latest reunion for Southworth, a veteran cast member of the Time Force saga in Saban's Power Rangers television shows, who starred along with Sison and actor Johnny Yong Bosch in Sakamoto Koichi's 2009 cult martial arts action hit, Broken Path.

Dacascos is currently set to appear in Showdown In Manila before returning to the screen with Nevsky in Russian action comedy, Maximum Risk and Martin Christopher Bode's Ultimate Justice by next year while Southworth settles up with Bosch and other former Power Rangers stars for stunt professional Nick Gillard's directorial debut, The Order, which commences filming in January. Lopez's next stop with Nilalang will be at the Urban Action Showcase and Expo this November.

Check out the preliminary teaser art for Breach below!


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