Mark Braddock's THE COST OF VENGEANCE Gets A New Teaser

Currently there's not much to go by with director Mark Braddock's latest, The Cost Of Vengeance, which is currently still in production. A teaser did go viral over the summer though which didn't quite show much, but a new teaser is now circulating online this week to further present something to whet the appetite a bit more.

Starring are Anthony Consolo and David Mackey in the story of a widower who seeks retribution following his daughter's violent encounter with a mysterious gang, and the dark secrets that emerge in the wake of his hunt. The film's fight coordinator, co-star Anthony Giovanni Elias forwarded this one to me this week and having seen his work, there's no doubt that Braddock's latest will bring something thrilling to the table.

Also starring are Marisa Cooley, David E. McMahon, Colin William Poots and Tyler Shmookler with a release to be expected in 2017. Check out the new teaser.


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