Huang Xiaoming And Stanley Tong To Bring CITY HUNTER To Live Action!

Manga creator and author Hoji Tsukasa's popular 1985 Weekly Shonen Jump publication, City Hunter, remained prominent in the years that followed, from print to anime, live-action TV and film. Perhaps most prolific iteration might be director Wong Jing's 1993 full-scale spectacle fronted by action star Jackie Chan, one prone to many a viral video snippet of the star in a Chun Li outfit in the past decade in case you're reading this and your memory starts jogging.

The property still lives on these days, and so now it appears that Hong Kong director Stanley Tong will lead the charge for a new live-action film. Huang Xioaming (The White-Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom, Hollywood Adventures) is the first to be added to the cast, nabbed for the starring role of Saeba Ryo, a skilled gunman with a penchant for the ladies and helps solve dangerous problems through his private detective agency.

Further casting details are pending with the film's current development while Tong and co. are plotting a course for a December 2018 release date.


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