Check Out A Short Trailer For Shin Dong-Yeop's Martial Arts Comedy, DUEL: FINAL ROUND

Press is lackluster from time to time with certain films and it can be a matter of just poor marketing or poor filmmaking. Hopefully the latter isn't the case in the wake of Untouchable Lawmen helmer Shin Dong-Yeop's latest, Duel: Final Round, which released in South Korea back in September but now has a small trailer going viral at least following an early character tease over the summer.

Poong-Ho (Lee Joo-Seung) makes money from fighting. His older brother, Kang-Ho (Lee Jung-Jin), is a conscientious detective. He doesn't like Poong-Ho fighting for money. Kang-Ho investigates a "player kill" (someone who has a dispute online and then meet face–to–face to fight). 
One day, Kang-Ho is killed during the investigation. Poong-Ho decides to take revenge on the person who killed his older brother. Poong-Ho finds Han Jae-Hee (Oh Ji-Ho). Han Jae-Hee is the CEO of a game company, but he is also a game addict.
With any luck this won't necessarily need piracy to gain an audience outside its borders. I'm probably wrong there, but a legit release of this film stateside would be awesome regardless given how long its been since Korean martial arts movies have been prolific. We could use more of that, in my opinion.

Check out the short trailer below and tell us what you think of the film if you've seen it.


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