Check Out A Raft Of Promotional Gems For Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE

Without question, Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange will be priority for anyone following the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I'll be certain to catch it myself having had the rarest of rare opportunities to meet TWO Marvel movie co-stars earlier this year - I couldn't name it at publicly the time, but the jig is pretty much up and if you can't recognize Zara Phythian and Katrina Durden in any of the trailers and clips now swirling online, I'd say an opthalmologist is in order.

Beyond that, the film is gearing up for a late October premiere in the UK before releasing wide on the weekend of November 4 while early critic reactions on Twitter from the Hollywood premiere have been a mix of nothing short of upworthy. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch hails the title role of the genius neurosurgeon whose trepidating global journey for a cure for his injured hands embarks him on a whirlwind journey that will not only twist, turn and forever change his understanding of the world and the universe, but will also grant him powers and abilities to uphold the forces of good against a supernatural evil.

Also starring are Mads Mikkelsen who was also in town when I met Durden and Phythian, but intangible at the time, so no meet-and-greet there. Shucks.

Rounding out the cast are actresses Rachel McAdams and Tilda Swinton, and actors Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong and Scott Adkins. Several promo bits and clips are online as mentioned and you can view a few splashes of that toward the bottom. In the meantime, TV host Jimmy Kimmel took to his late night talk show on ABC to help showcase how the Sorceror Supreme himself handles children and birthday parties. Disappearing acts ensue. Check it out!


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