Bueno's New Webseires Edit Of Tokusatsu Indie, GUN CALIBER, Is Still Locked And Loaded With NSFW Glory

If there's any inclination in your mind that maverick tokusatsu filmmaker Bueno is watering down his craft, then congratulations! You're wrong. No, no... have no allusions here about what he's up to with his currently developing effort, Strega, and you can read more about that by clicking here.

For now, you can still check out a handful of some of his shortfilm and other YouTube space work on his Garage Hero channel where he also stakes his cult fanfare with Strega's predecessor, the 2014 all-out red-band suit action comedy affair, Gun Caliber. Featuring fight choreography by Joey Min, Bueno stars and directs a story telling of a dilapidated, lecherous superhero forced to clean his act up and save Tokyo from a rogue's gallery of monsters led by the evil Skulldier.

You can read my review of the film by clicking here, otherwise you might be keen on his latest edit of the film now in webseries format with the first episode of thirteen now available below. Don't worry though, all the violence, gore, boobage and all the usual sorts of NSFWish content seen in the film are still in the series starting with the first episode below.


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