BOYKA: UNDISPUTED Takes You Ringside For Brutal, Head-Bashing Sneak Peek!

You love martial arts movies. In some capacity or another, you love them. If you didn't, you wouldn't be reading this article discussing the upcoming next succession of the underground fighting saga, Boyka: Undisputed, starring genre favorite and Marvel's Doctor Strange co-star, actor Scott Adkins, someone who, by far, deserves the best shots at even bigger action movies in the months and years to come.

Todor Chapkanov sits at the helm for this latest feat with Isaac Florentine taking a producer role this time around after directing two of the four films - both with Adkins in the iconic role that has become so prolific among martial arts fans. You know, like you. And with the film having finished its most recent run at Fantastic Fest last month, the reactions have been nothing short of positive and supportive.

On that note, hopefully fans, you know, like you, will equate that support by actually patronizing the film when it releases, as much as Adkins's films have suffered from piracy despite how much hard work he puts into helping bring Boyka to life on screen. Fantastic Fest programmer and ScreenAnarchy founder and editor Todd Brown made the case ahead of its premiere at the time:
Boyka is back, baby, and when that happens it can only mean one thing: Many faces are going to get punched. Many, many, many faces. 
Escaped from prison at the conclusion of UNDISPUTED 3, Yuri Boyka is caught between worlds. Though free from his cell, he must remain hidden. While he strives to soothe his conscience of past wrongs through service to the church, he continues to seek the fame and glory – and, now, legitimacy – that he has always craved within the ring. Just as it appears that that legitimacy is finally within his grasp, with a chance to enter the professional fighting ranks on the horizon, a tragedy within the ring forces Boyka to follow his conscience to put things right. And with this being an UNDISPUTED film, putting things right means lots and lots and lots of hand-to-hand combat. 
Let me be clear here, in case there is any doubt: The UNDISPUTED films are the greatest series of American martial arts films since Chuck Norris was at his peak. This is a fact. And it’s a fact that owes an immense amount to the potent collaboration of Isaac Florentine – here serving as producer after directing the second and third entries in the series – and star Scott Adkins. When they’re on their game, Florentine and Adkins are simply magic together; glorious, bloody, bone-crunching magic. And they are very much on their game here. 
The beauty of the UNDISPUTED films lies in their simplicity. They follow a simple formula that honors the rules of their chosen genre while taking every possible opportunity to show off the incredible skills of Adkins, who is simply one of the finest screen fighters on the globe. Come prepared to be entertained. 
I swear to all the religions, if I see this movie pirated on Facebook... I'm going to flip shit.

Adkins has a sneak peek now available on his YouTube channel which you can view below featuring himself opposite hulking antagonist portrayed by actor and bodybuilder Martyn Ford. Check it out, and when the film releases, by all means, support it monetarily. Stay a fan and keep the fandom alive and keep Boyka kicking!


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