Asun Mawardi's Number Is Up In The First Teaser For Indonesian Hitman Thriller, #66

Director Asun Mawardi's sophomore 2011 action thriller, Pirate Brothers, wasn't the best of its genre. Nonetheless, it serviced a nice little feature length action-packed escape with some fun fight scenes in it, showcased by none other than Robin Shou and locals Verdy Bhawanta and Andrew Suleiman.

Moreover, it showed that Mawardi can handle action, and so it now comes to pass once more with our helmer taking on dual roles on both sides of the camera. #66 is the name of the new assassin thriller in which he stars as a hitman-for-hire who triggers an internal war within a criminal organization after failing to murder an informant and then stealing a load of cash.

The first official teaser went live late last month and serves up a nice little sampling to offer moviegoers, and rightfully so after winning a raft of awards this year at festivals and events including in Houston, London and Los Angeles. With a little over a month to go before its release, I'd say this one is worth keeping an eye on.

Check out the English-subtitled teaser below!


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