TIFF 2016: Mo Bros' HEADSHOT Lands A Killer New Poster

If you've been pressing your finger on the pulse between fan blogs since earlier this year, chances are that you might have caught a blurred glimpse of the first poster for the new Mo Brothers-directed thriller, Headshot. Well, we are only days away from the film's premiere heralding the return of action star, actor Iko Uwais, and with him, the acclaim so rightly deserved by Indonesian cinema for its accomplishments in the action genre as of late.

Thus, the Toronto International Film Festival will be where the movie makes its first stop with Uwais leading along with actress Chelsea Islan, Julie Estelle and Sunny Pang among the cast for a gritty, brutal tale of vengeance and redemption for a mysterious man forced to confront his past following a brutal head injury. The film has since finally landed a pristine, high quality version of the aforementioned poster ahead of its TIFF premiere, and you can now take a look below courtesy of ScreenAnarchy.



  1. It looks badass! I've read that the film is full of fights, so I can't wait anymore!


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