RAILROAD TIGERS On Track For A U.S. Release Through Well Go USA

It's been a few days since action star and Guiness world record holder Jackie Chan snatched a spot as one of four recipients for an Honorary 2016 Governors Award for his achievements in film. All well and good, and he'll be receiving that award in November while obviously continuing to excel in his craft with a raft of titles to boot, including KungFu Yoga, The Foreigner, and The Lego NINJAGO Movie.

For now, his next runner-up for 2016 will be the release of Ding Sheng's Railroad Tigers which joins Chan with actors Huang Zitao (Edge of Innocence), Wang Kai (Nirvana In Fire) and Darren Wang (Our Times) for the story of a railroad worker in 1941 who rallies a rebellion against the Japanese to get food to the poor. Word from Deadline now has it that Well Go USA is seeking to release the film simultaneously with its China release in December.

The Oscars website has more on Chan's latest accolade and you can click here to view the details on it. Otherwise, I think we're all in sync with our collective congrats to the accomplished film auteur.


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