Otomo Keishi's MUSEUM Finally Lands A Full Trailer

Actor Oguri Shun is well on the way with at least one other live-action manga prospect in Fukuda Yuichi's Gintama for next year. For now, we turn our attention to his most recent role as a detective on the hunt for a serial killer menacing in a frog mask in Otomo Keishi's Museum based on Tomoe Ryosuke's 2013 publication.
A body mauled to death by dogs is found and other heinous murders follow. The killer only appears on rainy days and is witnessed wearing a frog mask. A police detective is on the case and to his surprise; he finds out the next target could be his wife and child who had left him 2 weeks ago.

The film is currently headed toward a world premiere next month for the 21st Busan International Film Festival Midnight Passion line-up before opening in Japan on November 12. The film's summer promotional push from Warner Bros. has since only landed a spate of mini-teasers and TV spots but now has a full trailer to immerse you in the chaotic fight between cop and killer, and the seemingly rising body count that ensues. Watch the trailer below!


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