NINJA BUSTERS Take Over San Francisco's Great Star Theater On October 29!

You don't suppose it's everyday that a film's original print gets resurrected after being lost for decades. That sort of makes it a miracle for director Paul Kyriazi who has been on a roll as of late last year with a Blu-Ray release and special screenings of the film, Ninja Busters which has proven to be a winning classic.

The next is expected to take place at the Great Star Theater in San Francisco's Chinatown on October 29, and you can learn more about it at the Eventbrite page where you can also score tickets. Kyriazi will also be there as will stars Eric Lee, Gerald Okamura, Carlos Navarro and producer Frank Navarro, so get your tickets and have some fun next month!
The martial arts comedy movie Ninja Busters was produced in 1984. However, the the only 35mm Panavision print that was struck disappeared in transport along with the negative. 
In December of 2012, film collector Harry Guerro, of Exhumed Films and Garage House Pictures, found the print of Ninja Busters in a "hell-hole of a storage room" in the Mojave desert along with 200 other movies, many of them had rusted right through their metal cans. 
However, the print of Ninja Busters was in perfect shape. Guerro loaded up the 200 prints into a rental truck and drove across America to New Jersey, braving some giant ice storms. 
Guerro showed Ninja Busters at his three day Ex-Fest Marathon. The audience howled with laughter and crowned it their favorite of the festival, so he figured that Ninja Busters was worth more screenings and a Blu-ray release. 
Roger Glenn, Ninja Busters' editor and assistant director, will host two screenings of the movie with a cast & crew discussion after the 1pmt showing. The event will take place in San Francisco Chinatowns' Great Star theater at 1pm & 4pm on Saturday, October 29, 2016. Tickets are $20.00 via Eventbrite. 
The stars of Ninja Busters, Eric Lee, Gerald Okamura, Carlos Navarro (also producer) Frank Navarro and the film's director, Paul Kyriazi, will be in attendance. 
Kyriazi has directed six feature films including Death Machines, Weapons of Death, & Omega Cop starring Adam West. He's directed 23 star actors in his movies and full-cast audio-books including: Rod Taylor, Robert Culp, David Hedison, Russ Tamblyn and George Chakiris. 
The Great Star Theater is located at 636 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133


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