NEW WORLD ORDER Looms Courtesy Of Indican For The New Italian Action Thriller Trailer!

Seemingly drawing their inspiration from a corner of the world that believe in shadow governments and figures in control at the helm of the world's various echelons, writing/directing duo, brothers Marco and Fabio Ferrara are now staking their claim in the newest creation, New World Order. And not for nothing either having conquered several local awards shows in their native Italy, and judging by previous trailer footage, a film that appears to present some decent pacing and good action and drama to boot.

Now, with the film getting limited screens in the U.S. beginning on September 23 courtesy of Indican Pictures, a fresh new trailer has begun circulating. Marzio Honorato, Benni Branco, Mario Ferrara, Stefanie Orlando and Enzo Lachetti round out the cast for this one, and regardless of whether or not you believe in the alleged real-world origins of such a narrative, it's essentially the kind of film to relax the brain to, as much of a work of thrilling fiction as it is.

As chaos rocks the world, governments start ordering marshal law, and the criminals run rampant, one man decides to turn the tide against overwhelming odds and stand up for justice. Police Detective Torre is just doing his job until one fateful day when a robbery goes awry and his lover is murdered in cold blood. He starts an investigation that reveals corruption to the highest levels of the government, banking, and industry. A terror plot that will create a pandemic all in order to allow a secret society of freemasons to rule the world...
Check out the trailer below and check your showtimes accordingly!


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