Len Kabasinski's ANGEL OF RECKONING Unleashes Hell In The Trailer For Its VOD Release

Actress Jessica Kabasinski is bringing some grindhouse style fierceness in her latest flick, Angel Of Reckoning. This one came as a surprise as I was browsing online and found a piece posted over at ScreenAnarchy and given that it's an action flick, of course it peaked my curiosity and for what it's worth, the trailer itself sells.
A female war veteran returns home only to learn of a family member's murder. Determined to find out who is responsible she takes a stage name and gets a job at a go-go club, where she is able to learn details about the criminal underworld.
The film, marking actor, stuntman and martial artist Len Kabasinski's 12th stint at the helm, is now on VoD with links available at the official Killer Wolf Films website, and is expected DVD kiosks by November. Kabasinski's next effort currently has a crowdfunder attached to it at GoFundMe with another seemingly stylish and gritty action flick titled Hellcat's Revenge, which also recently wrapped principal photography.

For now, check out the Angel Of Reckoning trailer and make it part of your weekend home viewing!


  1. Thank you for the shout out! We appreciate it.

  2. Thanks for the shout out ! Much appreciated !

  3. thanks for mentioning KillerWolf Films and ANGEL OF RECKONING...I hope people check it out! :)


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