Kim Jee-Woon Howls To Helm JIN-ROH: THE WOLF BRIGADE For Live-Action

Acclaimed director Kim Jee-Woon is on the road promoting his latest period espionage thriller, The Age Of Shadows, which releases in South Korea in the next several days following its TIFF premiere, marking a first for Warner Bros. Pictures. In the course of all this, Kim took to the press this weekend to discuss the film, the industry and future plans while in attendance at the Venice Film Festival.

Thus, such plans now include the confirmation to direct a live-action adaptation of helmer Okiuta Hiroyuki's 1998 animated sci-fi war thriller, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, according to Screendaily. An award-winning feat written by heralded animation auteur Oshii Mamoru, the film takes place in an alternate version of 1950's Japan post World War II, telling of a deadly political war between Public Security Division and the Special Unit - the latter from which Fuse, a demoted solider traumatized by the death of a young female terrorist, finds himself on the run with a mysterious woman claiming to be her sister.

Kim also mentioned another unnamed project in the works. One thing is certain, however: if there's a director more than qualified to sit at the helm for a feature film of this caliber, it best be the same man who haunted the hell out of you with the 2010 slasher, I Saw The Devil, intrigued you in 2011 with A Bittersweet Life., and thrilled you with his 2013 Arnold Schwarzenegger headliner, The Last Stand. Kim's name has been in the running to direct the film for some time now and so it only makes sense that it be so, it seems.


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