KICKBOXER: SYNDICATE Has Been Announced As The Third In The New Reboot Trilogy

Wednesday evening saw the red-carpet premiere of John Stockwell's latest, Kickboxer: Vengance at Westwood's iPic theater in California, and to an esteemed effect with mostly positive reviews in its wake. As of then and on the eve of its theatrical and digital release, just a little bit more info came to light regarding the future of the newly rebooted trilogy based on the 1989 martial arts classic.

According to Variety, producer Rob Hickman has announced the title of the third film in tow will be Kickboxer: Syndicate. No casting details are available as of yet while it is inherent that the film will undoubtedly see actor and martial artist Alain Moussi reprise the revived role of Kurt Sloane, the protagonist previously portrayed by the film's original star, Jean-Claude Van Damme who also joins the reboot trilogy as Sloane's reclusive martial arts mentor.

Kickboxer: Vengance opens this weekend in theaters and on VoD this weekend courtesy of Radar Pictures and RLJ Entertainment. The second, Kickboxer: Retaliation has since wrapped filming in Thailand last month and is now in post production under helmer Dimitri Logothetis who served the first film as screenwriter with scribe Jim McGrath, as well as a producer.

Both Hickman and Logothetis are producing Kickboxer: Syndicate which commences filming in six months.


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