Jean-Claude Van Damme And Co. Sign On To Star In KILL 'EM ALL

From spurs to sitting in a director's chair, actor, stuntman and fight coordinator Peter Malota's screen presence has proven fierce, especially in the eyes of fans of action star Jean-Claude Van Damme during his bustling heyday in the 1990's. The two had been long time friends and traning partners since meeting in 1982 before ultimately crossing paths on several occasions in films like Double Impact, The Quest and The Order to name a few.

Through the years, however, Malota had been working on his own chance at directing for sometime now while still lending his services in the fight choreography department, credited recently Titus Paar's Steven Seagal sci-fi actioner, The Perfect Weapon. Now, according to news forwarded by The Action Elite, it appears he's come full circle and is preparing to make his official debut at the helm with none other than the Muscles From Brussels for the new action movie, Kill 'Em All, hailing from Sony Pictures.

Van Damme is reportedly reuniting with his son, Kris Van Damme in what is expected to be their eleventh film together, a figure that would amount to more than a dozen given progress be made on previously announced titles like The Tower and the long-awaited actioner, The Eagle Path. Also reportedly joining is actor Peter Stormare and John Wick co-star Daniel Bernhardt, best known for advancing the Bloodsport franchise to the direct-to-video market as the main actor.

Story details are nil while Jesse Cilio who wrote Paar's The Perfect Weapon is providing the script along with Brian Smolensky and Craig Stewart for a story being cited as a darkly comedic, albeit strong, dramatic action tale crossing between Usual Suspects and Smoking Aces.

The news comes in the wake of Van Damme's current running for a string of Kickboxer movies rebooting his original 1989 headliner for a brand new trilogy starring Alain Moussi with Dimitri Logothetis directing. The action star recently blew away fans anf online viewers of his most recent performance in the thrilling new Amazon pilot, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, directed by Peter Antico, and is also poised for re-involvement in a remake of Sheldon Lettich's 1991 Hard Times nod, Lionheart from Moonstone Entertainment.
All is wait-and-see at the moment, so stay frosty and watch out for more news!


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