HIT LIST HEAD'S UP: New Stills Unleash The Kung Fu Fury Of Joey Min's MY ASIAN AUNTIE

Not all young performers can pull off the look of an elderly character, and that fact can easily be attributed to actor and filmmaker Joey Min who, razors be damned with that stubborn beard of his, still dares to have a little fun in life with ideas. Such is the case for My Asian Auntie, the latest webseries from the folks over New Jersey-based indie banner Art School Dropouts.

Thursday will mark the premiere of the new kung fu comedy series following a few earlier short videos exploring the concept. I had the opportunity to screen all seven parts of this series for myself and it's a well-worthy labor of love to watch and enjoy from start to finish with Min starring in the title role. Also leading the story is actress Stephanie Pham whose own knack for screenfighting has sharpened quite a bit since making her debut earlier this year in a Marvel-inspired Elektra V. Psylocke fan short.

The tale delves into an array of per-episode caricaturing hijinks that verge into the silly and comical, with situations that ultimately lead up to a climatic battle with neighborhood goons and their boss, played by James Lee. Best of all, of course, is the martial arts action with Min's familiarity to the craft for well over fifteen years since his heyday as FistyleZ. His is a vision that would probably make Stephen Chow proud, and with a great cast of suited locals, no less, who clearly fit the mold in contributing to Art School Dropouts and making My Asian Auntie what it is today.

I'm personally a fan of Min's work for as long as I've been following independent action, and so it's also my hope that filmmakers like him will continue to be invested in for even bigger, mainstream projects beyond this point. Until then, My Asian Auntie continues onward and beyond with a campaign over at Indiegogo to help keep the series alive. Thus, with the YouTube premiere in less than two days as of this post with other news on a hopeful second season pending, Film Combat Syndicate has a small batch of stills from the series you can catch just below the trailer. 

Rounding out the cast are Patrick Banzali, Angela Jordan, Sharif Rey, James Lee, Gee "Li'l Bomb" Jay and Andrew Kim, with Gun Cho, Tin Dang, Kimsath Yin, Donald Tucker, Tim Yeung, Andy Price, Sharif Bey, Kevin Sanidad, Richard Burgos and Stacey Adams.


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