Help Jonny Caines Take A Bite Out Of Evil In The New Martial Arts Horror Comedy Short, HOT DOG CART 666

The martial arts genre as of late, is one befallen to many a producer and director who take the genre for granted. They shouldn't, and especially for guys like actor and martial artist Jonny Caines who, much like many performers I've written about, have done some incredible work contributing to the genre.

Quick online searches will bring you to a handful of good examples here with titles like Do The Damn Thing: In Canada and the 2014 short, Fist Plus Face, along with stunt credits in features like Scott Pilgrim VS. The World and David Hayter's Wolves. One other credit includes the 2015 Canadian action drama indie, 11 Blocks, from director Matthew Bennett who has since been after a few opportunities to reteam with Caines and enhance his talents and on-screen caliber in film.

And so, we are brought to his latest effort, Hot Dog Cart 666, which aims to culminate wacky, balls-to-the-wall humor with supernatual flair and feats of action to boot. And how do we go about helping to bring this concept to life? Well, that answer now lies with you, the fans in the wake of a new Indiegogo campaign to help push the project in the right direction.

Jon Kline is back in town.  His mission: Defeat the bullies that made his life a living Hell.   And get back the girl he lost in grade eight. 
A chance encounter with an ancient Hot Dog Vendor gets Kline way more than he bargained for.  Now - he is forced to defend an evil Cart of Power against inter-dimensional demons.  As if his to-do list weren't crowded enough... 
With a can-do attitude and a stash of mystical weapons on his side, will Kline win his freedom, reap vengeance, and save the one he loves? 
Bennett is including some seriously wicked perks to go with your donation, with higher amounts that can allow you to do anything from getting a digital download or a private screening, to either naming weapons - or design them, sitting in the director's chair and call the shots on set, or even coming up with the ultimate post-kill action movie one-liner to end all post-kill action movie one liners. And that's the joy of indie film - to not only endorse it but immerse yourself in its inclusiveness and getting involved, and if you ask me and considering the talent on hand, it's a challenge worth taking.

Caines's stunt reel is certainly a good place to start if you wish to sample his skillset right away, but feel free to view the concept trailer below and head over to the indiegogo page where you can read and learn more about the project, including testimonials from supporters (as a matter of disclosure, I was sought to offer my own words on why readers should support this project. Click here to check it out!)


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