HEADSHOT Sells To Multiple Territories Worldwide

If there was ever a screening I wish I could have attended, it's the Mo' Bros's Midnight Madness premiere at TIFF a few weekends ago of the new movie, Headshot. Thankfully our own Alex Chung managed a trip to review it for us and you can click here in case you missed it and are curious about what the film has to offer.

As such, the film is still circulating in festivals, and to great acclaim this week with a victory over at L’Etrange where it now shares The Grand Nouveax Genre Award with another title, Gabrielle Mainetti’s They Call Me Jeeg Robot. The film is also slated for screenings at Fantastic Fest starting next week and Mayhem in the U.K. next month along with line-ups at Sitges and Busan.

As for all else, folks with proximity issues regarding festivals will still be able to catch the film upon its wider releases. Vertical Entertainment and XYZ Films are set for a U.S. release in February next year with Screenplay Infinite Films and SCM setting up premieres in Indonesia and Nikkatsu for Japan and througout Asia while it is now being reported for acqusitions for the following day-and-date territories according to Deadline:

UK (Arrow Films)
•Germany/Italy (Koch Media) Australia/•New Zealand (Vendetta Films)
•France (AB Groupe)
•Scandinavia (Star Media Entertainment)
•Russia/CIS and The Baltics (Cinema Prestige)

Headshot stars Iko Uwais as an wounded amnesiac fondly named Ishmael by his nurse who finds himself back in action to rescue her from the auspices of his dark and violent past as he regains the memory of who he was, and the skillset he was trained with. Successful sales of the film recently earned one half of the Mo' pair, Timo Tjahjanto the momentum needed to finally move forward on his solo directorial feature debut, The Night Comes For Us, rejoining Uwais with The Raid co-star Joe Taslim for his first lead role.

Joining Uwais in Headshot are Julie Estelle, Chelsea Islan, Sunny Pang, Zack Lee and David Hendrawan.

Uwais is also slated to appear in Liam O'Donnell's Beyond Skyline from Hydralux Entertainment with Peter Berg's Ronda Rousey headliner, Mile 22, currently in development for STX Entertainment, as is Gary Mak's upcoming Asian 'Expendables' ensemble pic, Makeshift Squad...and as always, The Raid 3, godwilling.


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