Gangster Thriller HiGH&LOW: THE RED RAIN Gets A Full Trailer

If there is one international film franchise I would love to see cross over, it's that of the HiGH&LOW franchise. Having launched last year exclusively in Japan via NTV and Hulu through this past Spring, the folks over at LDH, Inc. and the creatives within Japanese super pop group, EXILE TRIBE, have exhibited nothing short of an amazing array of stunt talent to highlight the action that entails this sprawling gangster drama from director Kubo Shigeaki who directed the July feature film, HiGH&LOW: The Movie.

This week, we're about keep going even further with the latest treatmnent from Deadball and Chromartie High: The Movie helmer Yamaguchi Yudai. HiGH&LOW: The Red Rain follows up the epic action and drama with a spin-off into one other aspect of this latest musical action movieverse - all started from the tale of a town embroiled in gang warfare after splitting into five different gangs.

The Amamiya Brothers, Masaki (EXILE Takahiro) and Hiroto (J-Soul Brothers's Hiroomi Tosaka), keep looking for their older brother Takeru (Takumi Saito) who disappeared one year ago. The three Amamiya brothers lost their parents when they were young. Since then, they relied only on each other. On the anniversary of their parents' death, Masaki and Hiroto expect Takeru to appear. Instead, they meet a person who has a clue on Takeru's whereabouts.
Why did Takeru leave Masaki and Hiroto?
I don't care which U.S. company steps up to bring both the series and the movies to North America. All the trailers and promos now online have all but sold me as an action fan, and all I can see is talent that needs a wider audience beyond the auspices of Japan screens.

Until then, HiGH&LOW: The Red Rain now presents its full trailer for its local release on October 8. Watch it now, and spread the word!


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