EXCLUSIVE: New Clip From THE BODYGUARD Shows Why You Should Never Force Yourself Into Sammo's Home

Action legend Sammo Hung's latest, The Bodyguard, proved to be a bit of a hit-or-miss with some critics who've seen the film since its Asia release in Spring. You can read more on it in our own review courtesy of contributor Joey Min if it helps, though in fairness the buzz is still very much the same for fans still fond of the seasoned star and director here.

At any rate, folks in North America can currently see the film on Digital HD as of last month. However, if physical media is more your speed, then Well Go USA have you covered with a release date officially slated for September 6 on DVD and Blu-Ray. Thus, here to help keep the buzz going is an exclusive clip featuring Hung in the lead role alongside young actress Jacqueline Chan who finds herself in a heap of trouble with a small band of armed thugs...or so she thinks!

In a small town bordering China and Russia, a retired bodyguard with early dementia (Sammo Hung) makes friends with a young girl. But when she and her father disappear, he must recall long-abandoned skills to take down the mob and save her.
The film joins Hung and Chan with Eddie Peng, Li Qinqin, Jack Feng and Zhu Yuchen. Enjoy the clip!


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