China Lion Presents The North American Trailer For Cao Baoping's Crime Comedy, COCK AND BULL

Lest you forget or in case you're just learning of this, Cao Baoping's newest crime comedy, Cock And Bull, is expanding its premiere stateside next week following its China release. Thus, China Lion Films is leading the cause with a September 16 date stamped for select cities and theaters in the U.S. and Canada, and have since released its own trailer to help you get acquaintes.

When a murder occurs in a small town in Southeast China, a local mechanic, known for his honesty, comes under suspicion. When the police target him to take the fall, he’s forced to try and exonerate himself, uncovering a number of disturbing facts, most much bigger than the initial crime.
Liu Ye and Zhang Yi lead the cas t along with Duan Bowen, Wang Ziwen and Sun Lei. Catch the trailer below and head over to the official website for China Lion to grab the details.


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