ALIEN NATION Nabs Jeff Nichols To Direct Ahead Of TIFF Premiere

Jeff Nichols's upcoming civil rights romance drama, Loving, gets its day this weekend at TIFF. Considering the subject matter it tackles, it should be a worthwile feat to precede what the filmmaker now has in tow with news of his latest attachement to direct a remake of the 1988 sci-fi, Alien Nation for 20th Century Fox.

The film was announced earlier this year with script coming from Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, reapproaching the tale of a not-too distant future L.A. where humans and aliens tenuously co-exist together, unequal in respective liberties. Therein lies the story of a racist cop who finds himself partnered with an alien cop and are ultimately forced to mitigate their differences in order to solve a case.

Its popularity was meager though it managed to get a one-season series and a spate of TV movies, comic books and novels thereafter. Stay tuned!

H/T: The Wrap


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