WB/DCEU's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Lands The Director Of The GAMBIT Movie He Is No Longer Directing. Or Whatever.

Welp... 2016 has been quite the damper in movie expectations, especially pertaining to 20th Century Fox's dwindling Gambit film inspired by Marvel Comics. That one is was supposed to be releasing at some point next year provided production already started, though the word now is that its previously-attached director, Doug Liman is no longer involved while its star moves on to play a mermaid. Or something.

Yes, I'm frustrated - which is a nice way of saying how slightly pissed I am. No, no, feel free to laugh. It's silly, really. It's as silly as trying to keep up with comic book movie news as oftentimes the updates are more fickle and are either rumor-based or solid fact until not. Such is what the long-awaited Justice League Dark movie has endured, to say the least, since its rumored development to 2012 with Guillermo del Toro in talks to direct.

Obviously that appears to not be happening which now brings us back to Liman who, according to Variety, is now being tapped to direct the live-action DC Comics property for Warner Bros. with del Toro and Scott Rudin producing and Michael Gileio scripting. The property itself covers an ensemble of paranormal and supernatually gifted heroes, namely interdimensional hellbound detective John Constantine and haphazardly-created mutant superhero, Swamp Thing, among a roster of others, and is being said to play a major role in the current DCEU.

The news comes in the wake of Warner Bros.'s most recent half-a-billion dollar success, Suicide Squad from director David Ayer amid a wave of negative reviews and calls for the studio to (in one allegedly former studio employee's words) "make the fucking donuts". At best here, Liman may very well do just that considering the cult support he's earned by fans for the hugely under-appreciated 2014 "All You Need Is Kill" adap, Edge Of Tomorrow, for a sequel yet to happen.

Further details are pending on the film while we await news on Liman's forthcoming Amazon Studios sniper drama, The Wall, and Summit film, Chaos Walking. As for Gambit...well...


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