Watch The First Official Trailer For Rising Tiger Films Premiere Feature, BLACK SCAR BLUES

Marking a major milestone achievement for Leesburg-based independent film group, Rising Tiger Films, Leroy Nguyen's directorial feature debut, Black Scar Blues, has certainly undergone a teething evolution to get to where it is now. Thus, we are now brought the first official trailer for the new movie which fuses both raw, gritty drama with thrilling martial arts action as per the company's m.o. for more than a decade.

A young hard-fisted hoodlum returns to the town he escaped from in order to try to right the wrongs he’s committed. What ensues is a devastating spiral of violence and betrayal that will consume everyone that he has ever cared about, and those very few who have ever cared about him.
Circus Road Films finally picked up the movie last week ahead of a hopeful release date to be announced soon. Also starring is Rising Tiger Films fellow, actor Edmond Shum who also serves as fight coordinator with Nguyen, and with Jen Barnard, Daniel Sim, Mahdi Eltigani and Donald Williams starring. Watch the new trailer below right now, and stay tuned for more info!


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