Universal's SCARFACE Seeks Antoine Fuqua To Direct

Director Antoine Fuqua is getting a terrific start to his Fall this year. His newest remade Western spectacle, The Magnificent Seven, set to open this year's Toronto International Film Festival on September 8 before opening wide just a few weeks later, and in the wake of already earning his approval among the remake crowd for his take on the 2014 revenge/redemption actioner, The Equalizer.

That said, we now bring our attention to Brian DePalma's own remade hit gangster opus for Universal Pictures, Scarface, which became an instant classic since its release in 1983 with respect to the 1932 original from Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson. Here with actresses Michelle Pfeiffer and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and actor Stephen Bauer, it was Al Pacino who stole the show with his visceral and iconic portrayal of Tony Montana, a Cuban political refugee whose ruthless race to achieve the American dream within Florida's criminal underworld came with a price ultraviolently paid in a hail of cocaine, bullets and blood.

Attempts at a sequel and a remake have been well underway since 2001 with little progress on nabbing a director while Jonathan Herman updated previous versions of a script from earlier writers. This now brings us to Deadline's own breaking news of Fuqua's own possible movement toward helming the movie for Universal, with a plot that will likely set its similar rags-to-riches story in contemporary Los Angeles.

Further updates await while we've yet to know if the Southpaw helmer will take another stab at The Equalizer for its upcoming sequel from Sony. We'll learn more soon enough, it seems. At any rate, stay tuned for more updates!


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