TIFF 2016: Mo Bros' HEADSHOT Wraps With New Images, Official Trailer Possibly Next Month

After two years of post-Raid hype and it's plain to see how painstaking it feels just waiting for the next big Iko Uwais-led action movie to hit the big screen. Thankfully, the time since then hasn't entirely been for naught with the Merantau star making a few notable splashes in Hollywood whilst keeping things afloat on the local end, and principally with hit horror genre duo, the Mo Brothers - Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel (Macabre, Killers).

Plans to work together have come and gone in the past few years but has since led to the production of the new action thriller, Headshot, with Uwais back on camera as an amnesiac with a head wound whose violent past comes back to haunt him. The film officially completed production on August 11 with plans set in motion for its world premiere for the Midnight Madness line-up at next month's Toronto International Film Festival before releasing the film sometime in early 2017.

Ishmael wakes up in a hospital bed after months. He doesn't remember who he is or why he is there. Aileen, his doctor who saved him, tells him that a bullet still remains in his head and tries to help him recuperate to find out his past and return his lost memory. Meanwhile, unknown to them, they have been tracked by the crime gang who pulled the trigger and shot Ismael. Ismael was the assassin who belongs to the gang members. But as he feels guilty about killing, he's decided to leave group. And While he was trying to run out, he has killed the boss. A son of boss, Lee tries to take vengeance upon Ismael for his father's death.  As Ismael gets closer to Aileen and falls in her as the only person in his memory, but she suddenly disappears. She gets kidnapped by the gang. Following his instincts, Ishmael goes with his heart and traces her to a violent criminal gang that would ultimately link him to Lee. For every vicious encounter Ishmael has, his memory begins to unravel and with it, a dark unstoppable killer instinct. The bullet in his brain is slowly killing him, but not before he can get to the killers to save Aileen. And finally, Ishmael faces Lee, who holds the answers to his missing past.
Actress Chelsea Islan also stars along with The Raid 2 co-stars Julie Estelle and actor Very Tri Yulisman, as well as David Hendrawan, Zack Lee, Epy Kusnandar, and Singaporean action star Sunny Pang. Nikkatsu who financed the film, is representing the film internationally while Vertical Entertainment and XYZ Films will set forth its U.S. premiere next year.

Thus, with dates pending, the word I'm hearing is that the first international teaser trailer may not arrive until near or after the end of TIFF 2016 following its premiere (even then, that may change and until it does, patience...virtue, blah blah). In the meantime, new images have already begun circling, and if you haven't seen them yet, you can see them below as well as the film's official TIFF listing here.


  1. Can't wait to see the trailer! By the way, its director doesn´t stop saying that the trailer will arrive soon. But I see nothing, and now I read that... It is a bit disappointing.


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