[UPDATED] TIFF 2016: Mo Bros' Actioner, HEADSHOT Gets Poster Sightings

The tension and excitement continue to brew in lieu of the upcoming world premiere of the new action thriller, Headshot at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Other screenings are also in the works for the new movie from Killers and Macabre helmers Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel while a likely 2017 release date for next year remains pending.

In the meantime, you may recall a batch of teaser posters slowly rolling out earlier this year during the film's post-production process introducing blurred images of the cast. Well, as of this week, the images are much sharper as new posters have finally begun circulating by way of TIFF and featuring our cast at hand, led by Indonesian martial arts wunderkind, actor Iko Uwais in the role of Ishmael, an amnesiac whose violent past comes back to jog his memory whilst in the care of a nurse tending to him.

Joining him are lead actresses Chelsea Islan and Julie Estelle and actor Very Tri Yulisman, with David Hendrawan, Zack Lee and Singaporean action star Sunny Pang rounding out the cast as seen in the posters hoisted together in the photo below, along with brand new individual one-sheets uploaded as of Friday!

HEADSHOT Teaser Posters


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