TIFF 2016: Baker Bros.' KIN Casts Reynor, Kravitz And Franco Ahead Of October Filming

Click here and you'll find yourself immersed into a contemplative and intriguing little world set for us in the Jonathan Baker and Josh Baker-directed 2014 shortfilm, Bag Man. The short went on to become a Grand Jury nominated favorite last year at SXSW and much to the delight of its creators as well as the viewers who rightfully enjoyed it, and it's pretty easy to see why.

As such, that project has drawn its appeal as a workable sci-fi action picture now titled Kin for its advacement into feature film territory. Deadline reports the Baker duo will make their debut at the helm from a script by Daniel Casey which casts Transformers: Age Of Extinction co-star, actor Jack Reynor in the lead as a newly-released ex-con forced on the run with his younger brother, with a mysterious weapon of unknown origin as their only means of protection against a vengeful criminal, his goonsquad, and the feds hot on their tail.

The cast currently rounds out with actor James Franco as said antagonist, oppsoite Dennis Quaid as the father of the boys while actress Zoë Kravitz sees her role joining the two on their quest for survival. 21 Laps’ Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen will produce with Jeff Arkuss, David Gross and Jesse Shapira while WME Global and Good Universe will shop the film at TIFF beginning next week ahead of its October 24 production start date.


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