The New Trailer For SHIVAAY Is F**king Ridiculous

Award-winning actor and director Ajay Devgn is back, and in no way hesitating to bring out the sickness for this latest thriller, Shivaay. The premise here is a bit rough to go on judging by the trailer, but try not to think too much of it or you'll miss the best parts.

Here he plays a mountaineer who stops at nothing to rescue his family by any means necessary. Beyond that, this guy is destroying shit and kicking the crap out of people. He pulls a ramp in front of him so as to force a van to leap directly over his head, and apparently he's so steadfast that you literally end up pushing yourself... basically a gag from Man Of Steel if you're familiar with superhero movies.

It's funny though, especially since narrative here does draw a bit from divine figures culturally familiar with Indians - something which also makes this film interesting in trying to figure out just who our main character is. Then again, I could be overthinking it. Either way, it looks like stupid fun and it opens on October 28 for anyone keen on this film.


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