THE HIT LIST - August 29, 2016

It's been a quiet weekend, folks. So, it's good to be back and sharing some content for this week's installment of the Hit List, packed with new feat and jewels of action to celebrate, along with a sweet little webseries jewel to boot.

Kicking things off in sharp form is a fresh new reel from stunt player Chris Yong, followed by the high-flying/falling Jenna Hellmuth, the tumbling and freerunning feats of Remi Bakkar, the electric fight and might of stuntwoman Katie Eischen, and seasoned hardball stuntplayer and avid Southeast Asian foodie, Philippe Vonlathen! Rounding out the playlist is a new reel from multi-faceted performing artist and Film Combat Syndicate favorite, actress Jessica Wolff and Wushu impressario Bryan Cartago, along with a quick martial arts-packed demo by Dylan Rampulla, the walking inferno that is Frederik Blom, T. Ryan Mooney with a sampler of some of his practice feats in pre-viz action and fight choreography, martial artist and actor Tim Neff, team K Dynamique, and the latest Team Farang video diary showcasing traceur Jason Paul's latest visit to Japan.

Time to promote a few projects and first up in our next playlist, we start by introducing a quick teaser for a project featuring actor and martial artist Daniel O'Neill who intially caught my attention close to a decade ago for one of the most exhilarating trailers I had ever seen for the film, Bangkok Adrenaline, a movie hugely sold on blistering stunt and fight action at a time when Thai action productions were growing in popularity due to the proliferation of stars like Tony Jaa and Dan Chupong. Thus, it is actor and stuntman Matt Routledge's who returns O'Neill to the fray once more for the new short, Fixer, which centers on a man tasked with bringing an important brief case to its rightful owner. The project itself just had its premiere at the Fighting Spirit Film Festival back in July and you can follow the project by clicking here for more updates.

Following that is a project by our very own Khalil Barnett. He's been a talented writer on our blog for a while now while also working toward building his own vision for action and storytelling, and as of late, he's going bold for a workable cinematic, darkly lit, gritty and powerful tale centered on his latest original superhero iteration, Blue Heron. Details will follow, and probably a bit more, so check out the teaser and keep reading Film Combat Syndicate for further updates.

Last in the playlist is an action highlight teaser for a new concept short titled Alpha from On Camera Combatives and Monolopolous Productions and shot in Atlanta, Georgia. Plot details are forthcoming as is the shortfilm itself for which its teaser has been up since earlier this month with actor and stuntman Ryan Monolopolous starring and directing. Jake Guinn and Josh Flaugher also star with lensing by Jeremy Cournyea.

Press play and get excited!

Next and capping things off for this segment is a project that prolific film entrepreneur, action director extraordinare, actor and stuntman Eric Jacobus and his team have kept undet lock and key for quite a while now, save for a few photos. Blindsided is the project, a short duration homage to the action stylings of characters like Daredevil and Zatoichi from debut helmer, actor and stunt professional Clayton J. Barber best known for his signature work on Ryan Coogler's acclaimed Rocky spin-off, Creed, and William Kaufman's festival favorite, Daylight's End which saw a limited release over the weekend.

The team behind the project is ripe with stunt talent and also marks the latest reunion between Jacobus and Barber, the latter who produced two of Jacobus's online shortfilm hits, Rope-A-Dope (2013) and its lively sequel. A quick YouTube search will bring you to both projects which offer spectacular blends of memorable comedy and martial arts. If you're new to Jacobus, check out his movies right now as a preamble to this latest venture, now immortalized in a brand new poster below.

On an entirely separate note, Rising Tiger Films's own Leroy Nguyen and Edmond Shum are working on another project of their own this week. As always, it involves the usual ass-kicking thrills seen in their long list of videos online, and it's just way Nguyen himself like to celebrate his birthday!...

Happy 30 Leroy!
And we're off to finish things with some fresh action, comedy, suspense and thrills, starting with a quick camera test of the Cannon 1DX Mark II by lensman David Anthony and producer Chung Dha, and two test fight videos by YouTuber Michael J. Rye, followed by Pokémon GO player Rustic B.'s one special move to finish off cocky street brawler Darren Holmquist, and the latest live-action stage stunt show featuring X Limit Entertainment ahead of 20th Century Fox's latest video game adaptation, Assassin's Creed!

Last and far from least is a webseries that rests pretty experimental in nature, but boasts some nifty action design and concepts from the mind of Beijing-based actor, martial artist and stuntman Troy Sanford. Front and center at the helm and leading in The Challenger, brings our lead character toe-to-toe with a number of talented fighters around the world and skilled in various styles.

Spanning a year of uploads, all of which were filmed with no money and in the course of less than a day, Sanford's labor of love finally ended this summer with all 13-portions now available online in the following playlist. Enjoy!

If you have some time to spare, last week's Hit List installment should keep you company something fierce. Check it out and be sure to subscribe to these channels for more awesome new content, and by all means, if you or someone you know has a kick-ass action project that needs an audience, be it a solid stunt reel, shortfilm or webseries, and you want the Hit List to host it on the following Monday, hit us up at!


  1. But... did my pokemon video make the hit list??

    1. I've mentioned this to you before lol. All or most of the embeds you see in a Hit List piece are PLAYLISTS. You have to actually press the play button and let it run through. YouTube has had this function for years.


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