SAO THE MOVIE: ORDINAL SCALE To Open Worldwide In 2017

The World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya wrapped up its Summer events this year over the weekend, but not before the unveiling a new revelation for fans of the hit manga and anime series, Sword Art Online. From series director Ito Tomohiko, Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale is set to release next year with a date soon pending, while it is now being reported that the film will accomodate as many as 1,000 theatrical screens by then, including in the U.S. where Aniplex USA is expected to release the film.

In 2026, two years since the SAO incident, a new game called "Oridinal Scale," an Augmented-Reality MMO, is becoming popular among the players. But…strange things are happening in the game and Kirito and the gang are facing a new danger. A brand new story created by the original author, Reki Kawahara and directed by Tomohiko Ito, "Sword Art Online the Movie: -Ordinal Scale-" is coming to theaters in Spring 2017.
A new live action series adaptation is also in the works from Skydance and Kadokawa to host the gripping tale that began in 2009 with our protagonists eventually discovering the controversial dangers hidden within the very VRMMO they are immersed in. Without a doubt, the anime itself has been the most compelling, gripping and fantastic shows I've ever seen and it's something I personally recommend to anyone and everyone who loves martial arts, fantasy, gaming, cosplay and cyberpunk.

The same voice cast from the series is also back for the new animated film with Adachi Shingo's new artwork and character design included.



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