Reel Deal Martial Arts Adventure, PLAN B Heads To Sitges This October

Not to be outdone by time, the upcoming German martial arts action comedy, Plan B, has been one of the most hugely anticipated titles to come in our direction in the past few years. I certainly made sure to stay on top of it in one of my five-a-day pieces late last year, while the film remained off radar with any updates while still in post-production and I certainally hoped something would happen this year.

Thankfully, it appears to be so which is good news for the folks over at German martial arts stunt training group, Reel Deal Action and filmmakers Ufuk Genc and Michael Popescu as Fall approaches. That means the next installation of Sitges at Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain is near with its schedule set between October 7 and 16, and with announcements slowly and steadily rolling out, you can also expect to see Plan B as part of the festival line up by then following its acquisition by French sales agent WTFilms earlier on.

A production of Reel Deal Action in association with CineChromatix and Paper Moon Films, Can Aydin, Cha-Lee Yoon and Phong Giang star in this latest tale of an ill-gotten group of 80's and 90's action movie aficionados looking to make it big in the film industry. When they are mistakenly sent to the wrong address, one of them is taken hostage by an evil crimeboss, setting the stage for the remainder of their group on a perilous 24-hour mission to uncover the location of the Kingpin's secret safe before it is too late.

The film is just the start for Reel Deal who have just recently wrapped up their latest feature film effort, On The Ropes with director James Mark and is now in post-production. Plan B signals a feature debut effort for Reel Deal Action whose bolstering resumé lists shortfilms like The Messenger, Behind Every Great Man and award-winning sci-fi actioner, Evil Twin, and feature films such as Skyfall (2012), Big Game (2014), Hitman (2015), Point Break (2015), the Mike Moeller-led One Million Klicks (2016), xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage (2017), and many more.

Joining the Reel Deal line-up on camera for the cast are actress Julia Dietze and actors Florian Kleine, Eugene Boateng, Henry Meyer, Laurent Daniels and Gedeon Burkhardt, and introducing Hollywood stuntwoman and martial artist, actress Heidi Moneymaker (Avengers, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, No Touching) who posted a fresh new image of her badass character from the movie in an Instagram post on Monday which you can view below.


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