Oguri Shun Leads Fukuda Yuichi's Live-Action Manga, GINTAMA, For 2017

Nobunaga Concerto co-star, actor Oguri Shun first came into my purview with Kitamura Ryuhei's stellar 2003 manga adaptation, Azumi, and its sequel from Kaneko Shusuke a few years later. He's since gone onto star in other terrific work like Miike Takashi's '07 and '09 adaptations of the Crows Zero manga before reuniting with Kitamura for the title role in Lupin III and Otomo Keishi's latest cooky murder suspense thriller, Museum, which opens in November.

Moreover, Oguri has gone on to co-write the Suzuki Ryohei-anchored gonzo action adventure manga adaptation Hentai Kamen: Forbidden Super Hero, with writer/director Fukuda Yuichi who also helmed this year's sequel. Alas, a befitting partnership like this now begs the attention of the manga/anime niche for another in the works, and this time it's for Sorachi Hideaki's 2003 best-selling Shonen Jump samurai sci-fi serial, Gintama, which is now poised for a 2017 release from Warner Bros. Japan as of news over the summer following its growing popularity in anime shows and films ever since.

Oguri will lead the film as Sakata Gintoki, an eccentric silver-haired samurai who runs a freelance odd jobs business with two friends in the wake of the invasion and subsequent colonization by aliens in 15th century Japan. Joining Oguri are Suda Masaki and Hashimoto Kanna as Gintoki's business partner's Shimura Shinpachi and Kagura with Nagasawa Masami as Tae, as are Yagira Yuya, Yoshizawa Ryo and Nakamura Kankuro as Shinsengumi police officers, in addition to Muro Tsuyoshi as Gintoki's mechanic Hiraga Gengai, and Okada Masaki as Gintoki's longtime friend, Katsura Kotaro.

Other details remain pending but the film does have an official website until further notice. Stay tuned!  (H/T: AsianWiki)


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