MECHANIC: RESURRECTION Delivers An International Trailer For Japan's Release

Director Dennis Gansel's forthcoming sequel, Mechanic: Resurrection, has been a little light in its marketing since debuting an official trailer a few months ago. Some promotional spots are online as well but there's not a lot of noise, although I do know that there have been a few early screenings and the mood I'm getting is for that of what sounds like an imperfect, albeit kick-ass thrillride to enjoy when it hits theaters.

All in all, fans of action star, actor Jason Statham may have something worthwhile awaiting them this summer with a story that follows up Simon West's efforts back in 2011 remaking the Charles Bronson action classic. Actresses Jessica Alba and Michelle Yeoh, and actor Tommy Lee Jones are also in the midst and with an August 26 U.S. release not too far off, we now have an international trailer with extra doses of new footage in which we get a little footage of Yeoh for the first time, as well as plenty of Statham's signature badassery to boot with action sequences by J.J. Perry (Warrior, The Expendables 3).

Arthur Bishop [Jason Statham] returns as the Mechanic in the sequel to the 2011 action thriller. When the deceitful actions of a cunning but beautiful woman [Jessica Alba] force him to return to the life he left behind, Bishop’s life is once again in danger as he has to complete an impossible list of assassinations of the most dangerous men in the world. Summit Premiere and Millennium Films present a Chartoff Winkler production and Millennium Films production.
The film is also releasing in Japan on September 24 from Showgate. Thus the trailer. Check it out now!


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