MAX STEEL Whips Out Some New Tricks In The First International Teaser!

One might agree that its been too long since we heard anything on director Stewart Hendler's latest adaptation of Mattel franchise property, Max Steel. Well, now we have an international trailer of sorts while more may be forthcoming, and with none other than Ben Winchell in the title role.

16 year old Max McGrath is discovering that he’s got a strange electric energy that emanates from him when he’s upset or excited, and it’s starting to grow beyond his control. With his scientist father dead and his mom Molly unwilling to talk about what really happened in the accident that killed him, Max is resigned to trying to fit in to yet another new school–where he finds himself attracted to the quirky, independent-minded Sydney and develops a friendship with an old colleague of his dad’s, Miles Edwards. But the most startling thing that happens to Max is the arrival of a small, crab-like alien named Steel, whose memory may be faulty but who knows one thing for certain: he’s there to protect Max, and he’s been sent by Max’s father.
The biggest mistake for all the teaser shows is not showing the actual hero costume aside from moments showing the Max character embracing his power for the first time. Aside from that, the visuals look amply well done and the action serves plenty to sample with having been designed led by a fine fight team coordinated by Larnell Stovall.

All in all, this looks pretty awesome so far for a teaser, and the film is currently poised for a release in October from Open Road Films. In the meantime, watch the trailer below; It's in English with Spanish captions but that shouldn't get in the way too much.

Ana Villafañe, Andy Garcia and Maria Bello also star.


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