JUDGE ARCHER Rules With A New Trailer From Lionsgate Unlocked

Director and acclaimed novelist Xu Haofeng's 2012 theatrical foray, Judge Archer, has been a long-awaited one. The film, following up from its short story roots in Xu's "Hiding Behind The Blade" anthology, marks a second effort in the chair for Xu who has since already made a small-yet-steadily growing name for himself since his 2011 debut, The Sword Identity.

Even moreso and on top of his screenwriting accomplishments, his latest, The Final Master, went on to win a few accolades and nods before opening in select theaters back in June. It's the sort of thing that makes you wish you could have seen these films in their succession though almost any rollout of Chinese productions to other territories is at a snail's pace at best, so, imaginably, it's not entirely your fault.

At any rate, it appears now is as good a time as it can get for Xu's sophomore turn at the helm see its way to a U.S. audience, and Lionsgate Unlocked is stepping up with a DVD, VoD and Digital HD release now set for November 1.

In 1920s China, Judge Archer takes on the dangerous job of settling disputes between warring schools of martial arts. When a mysterious woman asks him to avenge her father’s murder, Archer poses as a fruit seller in a distant town to stake out his prey. To distract and seduce Archer, the clever killer sends a gorgeous woman, who proves to be a talented warrior herself. This action saga portrays knife, spear, and arrow battles, plus historic fighting methods never before seen on film.
Make note of these and bookmark Xu in your list of directors to keep track of. Watch the trailer below and stay tuned for more news!


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